Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

it's a beach thing..


iya, uda liburan nih sekarangg..malah uda mau masuk lagi.hahahaha.
kmarin, gue liburan sama travellen. karena, uda agenda qta, tiap liburan harus libur bareng"..nginep"an.hho.
sekarang, gue sebagai tim survey memilih anyer. dan hasil survey gue mambuahkan hasil villa di carita untuk 3hr2mlm..

and i had sooooo much fun!

pictures tell more than word. so here it is..

carita, 29-31 januari 2010

2 komentar:

zikri mengatakan...

dear ebel, could you tell me how much money should I prepare for vacation in anyer? So, I can predict how much money will be spent for that.
I had ever make a plan to go there, but often failed. And I wish I could come there..

belle's mengatakan... anyer yah?
based on my experience, if u go there more than 10 person, it'll be cheap..because it will decrease the villa cost.
in weekday the villa is around 400-500 one night. but in weekend it'll 600 until 1 million or more. but u can do the bargaining if u want.

and then, for the food. its quite expensive in there. and of course, they will served seafood. it's expensive but the taste is so std. i suggest u to cook by ur self :)
and for the water sport, its standard.

so, i think u should prepare for around 300-400 thousand per person.
thats it from me. hope u have a good holiday.. :)