Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

pulang pulang..

i wanna go home..yaayy..
mau jenguk si ka ditaaa..kasian banged dyaa..uda 5hari masuk rumah sakit.
bukannya membaik, malah tambah parahh..huhh.
dan yg pasti, me meet my family..that's the best part!hoho..

but, i have to go to the campus first..huft. lil bit lazy butt..it's amanah..
mau ngelyat hasil pemungutan suara. because im one of the 'tim sukses' from aldian *he is the candidate*..
and of course, i vote for aldian maulana for the next president.. :D
sbnernya sii..gag dateng juga gpp. but like i said, its amanah. aldian don't wanna come.
dont know what the reason. but i think because he feel sooo nervous to know the result.haha..
dun worry brother. its the 1st day. u still have 4 days to go..

have a nice day guys..


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